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The Fundamental of Kaifeng's Survival
After years of research, development and innovation, Kaifeng Group has developed a new and practical patent container turnover machine based on the experience of crane leading enterprises and advanced technology from abroad. We insist that quality is the foundation of an enterprise, a down-to-earth person, and diligent work.。
Let you have no worries
In the production work, we will implement the customer demand-oriented system in an all-round way, regard the customer's needs as the hard task that we must complete, and wholeheartedly provide the best product service and the most perfect after-sales service for our customers. Welcome customers to visit and guide us.。
Patent technology is unique
Kaifeng Group's container turnover machine has a variety of patented technology, patented technology makes our products well received by customers. The group has always been "to develop with credibility, to survive with quality", as the business philosophy of the enterprise, what customers think is our unremitting pursuit, Kaifeng staff wholeheartedly serve you.
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